Surprisingly, Transcarpathia is perhaps the only region that never ceases to impress with its craft festivals.
There are so many of them here and they are all so diverse that sometimes you can discover not only something new for yourself, but also find your calling. After all, more than 160 festivals are held in these regions during the year. In one day, even three of them can be held in different places. Many original festivals - "Festival of cabbage rolls" in the village of Chetfolvo, "Plum liqueur" in the village of Gecha, festival of Hutsul cheese in the city of Rakhiv, "Berry festival" in the village of Dyula, corn festival in the village of Tysobiken, "Honey Festival" in the city of Mukachevo, etc. . We would like to pay special attention to the holiday of burchik, which is celebrated on the seventh day of wine fermentation, when it is still completely cloudy and foamy and its strength is 4-5%. This is a very useful drink, because it has been established that it improves the metabolism in the blood, and it is much more expensive than the wine itself. Our neighbors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are very fond of burčyk, because the period of existence of this drink is only one week, maybe two, and then it is no longer available, unlike wine, which can be consumed all year round. And also extremely famous, for example, the "Bride Parade", in which up to 90 brides take part. It is a truly fascinating sight!
Very interesting is the first, at the beginning of the year, the "Red Wine" festival, which takes place in January on the old New Year in Mukachevo and gathers a huge number of tourists, both Ukrainian and foreign.
The white wine festival in Beregovo is also well-known, and on the May holidays, the honey and wine festival - "Sunny Drink" is held. Also, in almost every Transcarpathian village, after the harvest, it is customary to celebrate the holiday of the vine.
In addition, at the beginning of October, the Bereg Fest festival is held in Beregovo, which was started back in 1963 and is officially one of the oldest festivals in Transcarpathia. This holiday is always characterized by a noisy folk costumed procession from the city center to the venue of the festival, the reproduction of the ancient winemaking tradition of pressing the first harvest of grapes by virgin girls barefoot, the holding of knightly mini-matches between knights, a large number of master classes on folk crafts, competitions, exhibitions, festive concerts with folk and modern songs and dances, balloon launches and a large number of other large-scale entertainment programs, as well as sports competitions from arm wrestling to bicycle races. Bereg Fest is the largest folk festival and, probably, the only such diverse event for any taste in Transcarpathia.
In the third week of November, the "Transcarpathian Beaujolais" festival is held, very similar to the French wine festival. Among the most famous festivals should be noted:

  • Mykolaiv and Mykolaychyky parade in Uzhhorod
  • "Red wine" in Mukachevo
  • "Berlybasky Banosh" in Kostylivka
  • Parade of brides and grooms in Uzhgorod
  • Plum festival in Beregivu region
  • Cheese festival in Rakhiv, "Golden goulash" in Berehyv Oblast
  • Beaujolais Festival in Uzhhorod.
Come to Transcarpathia at any time, because if one of your hobbies is gastronomic tourism, then you are guaranteed interesting and vivid impressions. After all, the untried is always interesting, and festivals are good because here you can try and taste everything that Transcarpathia is rich in. And in the evening, you will return to the "Turul" manor, where warmth, coziness and hospitality will await you, in contrast to an emotional day.