Nevytskyi Castle

It is located 12 km from Uzhhorod, near the villages of Nevytske and Kamianitsa. The castle was built on a mountain, the ascent to which is quite steep, but also fascinating. After all, for forty minutes you have to climb a winding road in a sparse forest. It is said that during the Middle Ages, in an impregnable fortress, at the height of a 260-meter mountain, young brides were buried. Hence the name - Bride's Castle, Bride's Castle. Since the summer of 2006, the castle has organized an annual theatrical celebration of wedding rites - "Nevytskyi Castle - Bride's Castle", during which courtship processes are reenacted, wedding songs are sung, and traditional folk dishes are served.

Mukachevo Castle "Palanok"

In the suburb of Palanok, near Mukachevo, in the middle of the plain, it is impossible not to notice the Castle Mountain, crowned with the towers of an ancient medieval castle. Throughout its history, the castle in Mukachevo has undergone a lot, its fate has changed in different ways over the long centuries of its existence. In the Middle Ages, the glory of an impregnable fortress was firmly established behind it, for the right to own which numerous princes and kings argued. During another period of history, it gained fame as the darkest prison in the Austrian Empire. And today, the castle is known as a popular architectural and historical monument, Mukachevo Palanok Castle, which, despite the merciless time and historical vicissitudes, still continues to interest tourists and fans of the unknown. Many legends are known that surrounded the castle during long years of its existence. They claim that around Zamkova Gora in the 16th century. a deep water ditch filled by the Latoritsa River was dug. In the 17th century the moat was additionally fortified with an oak palisade - Palanka. Therefore, the name Palanok has been preserved to this day. In addition to the popular story about the creation of a deep well, the castle was also famous for its long underground passages. According to one of the legends, once a duck was accidentally released into the well, and it turned out that it was later spotted on the Latoritsa River. After all, during the construction of the castle, everything was so carefully thought out that even the well had access to the river, and the defenders of the castle, precisely thanks to the well, managed to maintain contact with the outside world during the long days of the siege. Legends claim that the underground passages in Palanok Castle are so long that a horse-drawn carriage could take you to any castle in Transylvania, or even to the St. Nicholas Monastery.

Uzhgorod Castle

It is located in the center of the city of Uzhgorod, on Zamkova Gora, and is the oldest bastion-type fortress in Transcarpathia. The name of the city of Uzhhorod comes from the Ungvar Castle (castle on the river). At the beginning of the 20th century, the city changed its name to the Slavic Uzhhorod. There is a very interesting legend about the Uzhhorod fortress. Once upon a time, one Polish nobleman, who decided to conquer the castle, disguised himself as a knight-errant and came to the fortress. Admiring the young Pole, the daughter of the owner of the castle fell in love with him, and told about the secret passage, the secret of which was known only to the relatives of the owner. Unfortunately, the nobleman was exposed and executed, and when it became known about the girl's betrayal, her father buried her alive in the castle wall. The castle itself is built in the shape of an irregular quadrangle with bastions at the corners, which rise above the general level of the rest of the buildings. Today, the halls of the Uzhgorod Castle house museum collections of weapons, jewelry, coins, etc. contemporary household items.