Berehovo is the Ukrainian capital of wine and winemaking. An international wine festival is held here every year. This fragrant city even has a real wine knight order of St. Wenceslas! Berehovo has many ancient wine cellars and cellars of the XVII-XX centuries, in which colorful and unforgettable дегустації закарпатського вина. It is in Berehovo that the Museum of Viticulture and Winemaking is located, located in the cellars of the Count's Palace, which is more than 700 years old. And in combination with amazing dishes Hungarian cuisine local wines will play with new tastes and aromas.

Are there people here who believe that Crimean muscats and Odesa sparkling wine exhaust the possibilities of Ukrainian winemaking? If you still think so, pack your bags and go on vacation to the city of Berehove!

Ancient, romantic and cozy, the town of Berehove lies on the banks of the small river Verke, and is surrounded on all sides by gentle mountain slopes covered with vineyards. The Hungarian border is within easy reach from Berehovoy, so if you plan to cross it legally or illegally, let a mug of local wine give you courage! After drinking a few mugs, you will be enlightened by the wisdom of the ancestors, and you will understand that you do not need to go to Hungary - Transcarpathia is also good.

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